Comb Honey

Honey in its purest form would be that which the bees have sealed in the cells. So many people today have either no knowledge of comb honey or if they do know what it is don't know what do with it. When they are told you eat it, wax and all, they are amazed. A slice cut off the end of the comb and spread on a hot biscuit is indeed a dessert for the gods!

Honey that has been extracted from the comb, "liquid honey", has been exposed to air and in comparison to comb honey does seem to lose some of its flavor. Extracted honey tends to be more of a blend of different floral sources; whereas comb honey has a flavor that is more unique to the plants the bees gathered the nectar from. Think about it, who really knows where all the bees go when they leave the hive. Although bees work only one flower source at a time they work many flower sources in the course of a day. Some plants secrete nectar in the early morning and some in late afternoon. There are times however, when a group of plants will have ideal conditions to produce and if there are a sufficient amount of bees and plants of the same kind it is possible to separate out the honey.