Bees Wax

Candle Dipping Vat

Honey bees produce large amounts of beeswax during the spring and summer. It is estimated that it takes around six pounds of honey to make a pound of beeswax. The wax is secreted by the bees from glands in their abdomen. They then use their mandibles to form the wax into the six sided cells that make up the honey comb.

Before the honey can be extracted the cappings must be cut from the comb with a hot electric knife, where they fall into a tank to drain, and later be melted and filtered. If the wax is used for candles it is then poured into vats to make hand dipped tapers or into molds.

Bees wax has many uses other than candles. In developing countries, it is still used as a primary source of light. The Catholic Church uses bees wax in the candles it burns during services. Bees wax burns cleaner than petroleum based paraffin candles and gives off no toxins. Besides being used for candles, beeswax is great for sealing, protecting and lubricating. It is used in furniture polish, lip balm, dental floss, crayons, lost wax casting, grafting, bullet lube, water proofing, soaps, etc.

Current Beeswax Items

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